Applied Behavior Analysis

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To address problem behavior, Hope Haven uses functional assessment, a research-based set of strategies designed to determine why a child is engaging in a problem behavior.  Consultation involves detailed analysis of the situation, definition of the desired change, and application of well-researched techniques and interventions.  Behaviors that can be addressed include, but are not limited to, aggression (hitting, kicking, biting), property destruction, pica (eating inedible items), non-compliance and tantrums.

ABA Assessment

A full assessment is conducted on each client.  This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • interviews with parents
  • interviews of school personnel
  • data collection
  • questionnaires
  • direct observation.

ABA Intervention

Every aspect of ABA intervention is customized to each learner’s skills, needs, interests, preferences and family situation.  Abundant reinforcement for socially appropriate behavior is used.

Follow-up services include:

  • development of a behavior support plan
  • parent/caregiver training
  • regular home/school visits to assist in implementing the behavior plan.

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