Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST)

Unleash the potential in children and adults with disabilities with Assistive Technology. By using devices such as iPads, laptops, switch-operated toys, communication tools and voice-activated computers, our team gives the gift of motion to children who cannot move, the power of a voice to young adults who cannot speak, enabling more independent living skill development for satisfying lives and careers.

monarch-studio-hope-haven-1715The FAAST Northeast Regional Demonstration Center’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for Floridians with disabilities, regardless of age, by promoting awareness of, access to, and advocacy for assistive technology.  Housed at Hope Haven, FAAST provides the following services:

Assistive Technology Information and Referral

The Northeast Regional Demonstration Center is your source of information about and referrals for assistive technology devices, funding sources and dealers.

Assistive Technology Lending Library

The Center maintains an inventory of assistive technology devices that are conveniently available to borrow for up to 30 days.

Adaptive Equipment and Toy Lending Library

Why rush to buy when you can try it first? The Center maintains an inventory of adaptive equipment and toys that may be borrowed for up to 30 days.

Demonstrations, Tours and Presentations

See for yourself some of the great, inspiring work we’re doing. FAAST provides both formal and informal demonstrations, tours and presentations to organizations on a variety of topics related to assistive technology.

Assistive Technology Evaluations and Training

This service helps individuals and businesses identify types of assistive technology that will assist individuals in living and working more independently.  Training on how to use a device or assistive software is also available.