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Physical Therapy addresses the posture, movement and mobility of children with neurological impairments, congenital syndromes or other impairments that result in gross motor developmental delays. 

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Staff reviews the child’s medical history and the family’s needs and goals; they administer appropriate tests and assess the quality of the child’s functional skills.  A physical therapy evaluation consists of:

  • review of past medical history
  • discussion of family needs and parent/child goals
  • administration of appropriate tests
  • assessment of the quality of functional skills.

Indicators that a child may benefit from physical therapy include:

  • a diagnosis with expected gross motor delays
  • poor coordination
  • gross motor skills that appear delayed or awkward.

Physical Therapy Services for Children

If treatment is recommended, a plan is developed based on the results of the evaluation.  Therapy sessions are based on neuro-developmental treatment and sensory integration theories.  Special attention is given to parents for suggestions to integrate therapy into use at home.  Treatment may consist of activities including work on swings, scooter boards, therapy balls and trampolines.

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