At Hope Haven, we work every day to improve the posture, movement and mobility of children with neurological impairments, congenital syndromes or other impairments that result in gross motor developmental delays. We work with infants, children and young adults to maximize independence by improving their mobility, self-care and other skills.

Our physical therapists use hands-on techniques and therapeutic exercises that unite play and recreation. We firmly believe that just because it’s therapeutic, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too. That’s why our therapy incorporates swings, scooter boards, therapy balls, trampolines and more.

We offer comprehensive, affordable physical therapy evaluations and services for infants, children, adolescents and young adults in a family-friendly atmosphere. All therapy services include the development of an individualized treatment plan with measurable goals and objectives, regular feedback sessions for primary caregivers and exercises to practice at home during the course of daily activities.

Physical therapy evaluations consists of:

  • Review of past medical history
  • Discussion of family needs and parent/child goals
  • Administration of appropriate tests
  • Assessment of the quality of functioning skills