Experience the empowering effect of developing communication skills. Your child’s speech and language skills are critical for both communication and academic success. When left undetected and untreated, early speech and language problems may result in reading difficulties and academic delays.


Speech-language therapists at Hope Haven help your child develop these critical communication skills by providing comprehensive and affordable speech and language evaluations and services for infants, children, adolescents and young adults in a family-friendly environment. Our main objective is helping students maximize communication and speech/language skills in need of improvement.

All of our therapy services begin by developing a treatment plan with measurable goals and objectives. Throughout the course of the program, primary caregivers will receive regular feedback sessions/observation opportunities and plenty of manageable carry-over exercises – tailored specifically to your child’s needs – to help build these critical skills at home, at play and beyond. Oral motor/feeding therapy is also available.

All evaluations include a review of your child’s medical/developmental history, administration of appropriate tests, a written report of the results and recommendations and a parent/family conference to discuss the results of the findings and offer suggestions to maintain their positive momentum.

Speech – Language evaluations offered include:

  • Motor speech evaluation: Identifies the cause and treatment strategies for pronunciation errors found in a conversational speech pattern
  • Comprehensive speech/language evaluation: Probes the full scope of receptive and expressive language capabilities including pronunciation, auditory processing, vocabulary acquisition, grammatical and syntactical usage and dialog mastery