Center for Educational Advocacy


With so many paths to meeting your child's educational and enrichment needs, it can be overwhelming to navigate the options.

Our educational advocates are skilled experts in the statutes and services available to persons with special needs.  We can help you through the IEP process, and advocate for your student's needs and accommodations. 

Our advocates may conduct classroom observations, provide coaching and support, and may even attend the IEP meeting with you to ensure your student receives the accommodations they are entitled to for success.

Family Profile: Meet Hannah

When Hannah was diagnosed with Down syndrome and fetal hydrops in utero, her parents were told she would not survive. Miraculously, against the odds, Hannah lived. As she grew, it became difficult for her parents to find a facility that offered all the services this special little girl required. That is, until they found Hope Haven. Thanks to the multitude of experts at Hope Haven, today Hannah is a happy, thriving toddler.

“Hannah’s therapists showed us what she could do by focusing on her strengths and abilities while providing us with a path to move our baby forward in her own unique way,” says Rhonda, Hannah’s mother.