Deanna Zastrow

Meet Deanna, Hope Haven’s Licensed Certified School Psychologist!

Deanna graduated from FSU with an M.S. and Ed.S. in School Psychology. Since graduating, she has worked in multiple Florida school districts and has experience with psychological assessment and consultation, Section 504, Autism evaluation, ADHD, and “Twice Exceptional” students.

As Hope Haven’s Psychologist, Deanna will be conducting comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, meaning she’ll be assessing children to help determine what factors may be affecting their ability to develop, learn and socialize. These evaluations include assessments of a child’s cognitive functioning, academic achievement, information processing abilities, and social/emotional and behavioral factors which may impact a child’s learning and social functioning.

We are excited to have such a qualified and incredible individual join our team and look forward to the amazing impact she has on our students!