There are many reasons that children may struggle in school and there are often rival explanations for a child’s difficulties, including learning problems, attention problems, social/emotional problems, and/or behavioral problems.

Areas of concern that we address include:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Autism

  • Down syndrome

  • Gifted/Intelligence Testing

  • Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia

Our approach to evaluations is designed to ensure that your time and money are efficiently utilized.  Rather than conducting limited assessments based upon the presenting issue, we conduct ALL the necessary assessments to identify, and rule out, possible diagnosis.

GIFTED ASSESSMENT: This assessment is for children who are performing above grade-level. Results of this assessment will help determine eligibility for services through a gifted program. This assessment includes an IQ test, a written report, and a feedback session via telephone. The Gifted Assessment is scheduled for two hours and costs $350. You may schedule your appointment online

LEARNING NEEDS ASSESSMENT: This assessment is for children, adolescents, or young adults who are having difficulty with academics, attention/executive functioning, and/or demonstrating social-emotional/behavioral difficulties. The Learning Needs Assessment provides a broad overview of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and will help identify primary areas of concern

A Learning Needs Assessment includes interviews, a cognitive assessment, academic achievement tests, questionnaires, a written report, and an in-person feedback session.

The Learning Needs Assessment is scheduled for three hours and costs $650. You may schedule a learning needs assessment online.

COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION: This assessment is for children, adolescents, or young adults who are having difficulty with academics, attention/executive functioning, and or demonstrating social-emotional/behavioral difficulties. This assessment provides an in-depth and comprehensive picture of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows for the development of targeted recommendations for intervention/treatment.

The Comprehensive Evaluation is typically administered in two parts: During the session of testing, the individual is administered the Learning Needs Assessment in order to identify areas for further assessment. The School Psychologist will use the results of the Learning Needs Assessment to plan the follow-up testing. Thus, testing during the second session will vary according to the child’s individual needs. The following are examples of tests given during the Comprehensive Evaluation:

·         Additional cognitive/processing assessments

·         Additional academic tests

·         Tests of executive functioning

·         Auditory processing assessments

·         Tests of sensory processing and/or visual-motor integration

·         Comprehensive language assessments

The Comprehensive Evaluation is scheduled for six hours and costs $1,250. Typically, testing is scheduled over two days, with three-hour sessions each day. If you would like to schedule testing over more than two days, please let us know and we will accommodate that request.

Under some circumstances, you may request that the Comprehensive Evaluation be scheduled for one day, but please be aware that testing will be scheduled for eight hours and take place during at least two sessions, with a  two-hour break in the middle of the day. This break will allow the School Psychologist to review the Learning Needs Assessment and plan for the rest of the evaluation. During that two-hour break, you must make plans to supervise your child.

To schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation, please call us at (904) 346-5100.

DEVELOPMENTAL EVALUATION:  This assessment is for very young children (under 3) whose caregivers have concerns about developmental difficulties. This assessment can identify difficulties in social/adaptive skills, communication skills, cognitive/pre-academic skills, and motor skills. The evaluation includes an interview, an adaptive functioning assessment, a developmental assessment, questionnaires, a written report, and an in-person feedback session.

The Developmental Evaluation is scheduled for two hours and costs $350. To schedule a Developmental Evaluation please call us at (904) 346-5100 (online scheduling coming soon).

AUSTISM EVALUATION: This is for children, adolescents, or young adults who are suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This evaluation includes an IQ test, a comprehensive language and pragmatics skills assessment, an adaptive functioning assessment, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), interviews, questionnaires, a written report, and in-person feedback session.

Prior to scheduling the Autism Evaluation, your child must receive the Comprehensive Evaluation in order to rule-out impairments that may be more common and have characteristics or symptoms similar to ASD. The Autism Evaluation is scheduled for three hours and costs $1,750. The cost of the Comprehensive Evaluation is included in the fee for the Autism Evaluation.

***If your child has received a psycho-educational/psychological/neuro-psychological assessment within the last 12-months, you may be able to schedule the Autism Evaluation without first receiving the Comprehensive Evaluation. This stand-alone Autism Evaluation is scheduled for three hours and costs $500. In order to schedule this stand-alone Autism Evaluation, you must first provide a copy of the previous assessment report for our School Psychologist to review.

For very young children (under 3), a Developmental Evaluation is conducted in place of the Comprehensive Evaluation. Thus, the cost of an Autism Evaluation for children under 3 is $850.

To schedule an Autism Evaluation, please call us at (904) 346-5100.

***If you are unsure of which evaluation package to choose for your child, we recommend starting with the Learning Needs Assessment. If you later decide to schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation, results from this Learning Needs Assessment can be used to inform the follow-up testing.


New Social Skills Group for teens starting Tuesday September 18, 2018

Now enrolling teens ages 15 – 19 (consideration given to clients close in age that may be appropriate).  This 8 week social skills group will be lead by Nate O’Brien, LMHC with a special focus on developing skills for maintaining friendships, improving relationships with parents and teachers, navigating social situations and appropriate conversation skills, and more.

Mental health counseling services are available on our campus for individuals and families.  Our licensed clinicians accept a variety of insurances, and we also offer self-pay options.