A Hope Haven Father’s Day Story

A Hope Haven Father’s Day Story


In honor of Father’s Day this week, we thought we would share the inspirational story of a Hope Haven Father and his family. Meet Dawaun.

Dawaun and his wife discovered Hope Haven seven years ago after learning that their newborn son, Liam, had been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

“For the last seven years, Hope Haven has been another part of our family. From therapy to the Discovery School, they have shown that we are not alone in this,” stated Dawaun.

Hope Haven’s objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of Liam’s progress in all areas of his growth and development so he can grow and thrive in his own unique, special way. In order to accomplish this, Liam has undergone Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. At home, Dawaun prides himself on maintaining Liam’s’ growth by working with him using the specialized plan that Hope Haven built for them.

“When we do not understand how to proceed – Hope Haven has been there. They let us know how we can work with him at home so that we are consistent.”

In December 2014, Dawaun and his wife received, even more, news that no parent wants to hear. Their son, Liam was diagnosed with leukemia.

After two grueling years of fighting leukemia, Dawaun and his wife recently discovered that Liam was cancer free as of March 2017!

“It’s been great to be Liam’s Father. He’s my boy! My firstborn, my everything. It’s great to see him smile, laugh, and play. I wouldn’t trade anything for the world.”

Father’s Day is usually a time to honor and recognize our heroic fathers, however, Dawaun said that Liam is HIS hero.

“Watching Liam go through the challenges he has faced at such a young age has made me appreciate my son and life more. I could not imagine life without him. As for Hope Haven, Hope Haven has been a Godsend.”

Closing Remarks – What does Father’s Day mean to you this year:

“As a father of three (Dawaun and his wife also have twins) this Father’s Day is a special one. It’s awesome – all three of my kids are here. All three are healthy. This is my first REAL Father’s Day. Just knowing I have the opportunity to hang with them is special. Every day is like Father’s day to me.

I don’t take for granted the fact that it can all be over in the blink of an eye. I saw how many kids did not make it during Liam’s chemo treatments. I am looking forward to the best Father’s day in seven years!”