Amber Blossoms with help from Discovery School

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Sometimes the right experience, in the right environment, can lead to a breathtaking outcome. Meet Amber. When we first welcomed her into the Discovery School preschool program for 2017-2018, she seemed withdrawn, uncommunicative and reluctant to try new things. She’d spend a typical day watching and playing alone, pointing at things when she had a need, but otherwise just drifting.

Our preschool program is language-based, and the staff encouraged her to communicate more verbally. And because the program encourages early intervention, we started immediately. Amber was invited to try new things in a safe, pressure-free and non-confrontational way. This approach had a profound effect. Soon she started responding well to experiences and materials that were unfamiliar to her. She started to explore and connect with her environment—and her teacher. These experiences bolstered her confidence and self-esteem, which started to soar.

With gentle encouragement, she started to express herself. Though difficult to understand at first, each expression was celebrated as a victory. She began experimenting with words, which led to phrases and complete sentences.  As she emerged from her shell, she showed an appreciation for art and was encouraged to practice and participate in creative projects.

Today Amber will talk your ear off. She will readily tell you about her school day, her friends, and what she likes to do. She is a leader in her class.  She still enjoys art, and her drawings can be seen all over the walls of our Discovery School campus.

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